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Celebrity Upstanders


Supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, founder and CEO of Iman Cosmetics, is an Enough supporter and advocate for the Raise Hope for Congo campaign. In November 2010 Iman was featured in Donna Karan’s “Women Who Inspire” project, for which she selected Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign as her charity of choice. In a video discussion with John Prendergast in September 2009, Iman spoke out against conflict minerals and their link to sexual violence and rape in Congo. Iman was awarded the BET Service Award at the 2011 BET Honors, at which she spoke out strongly against the conflict minerals trade. Iman has also contributed her personal story to The Enough Moment, co-authored by Don Cheadle and Enough Co-founder John Prendergast.



Iman and Enough, in the news and more:

  • Excerpt from Iman’s entry in The Enough Moment – Iman’s experiences growing up as a refugee help her understand how important it is to help women in the Congo. Read more about why Iman has decided to say “Enough” to the conflict in the Congo.
  • Donna Karan’s “Women Who Inspire”– Iman discusses the importance of Raise Hope for Congo, and what the campaign is doing to raise awareness about conflict minerals, stop violence against women and ending the conflict in eastern Congo.
  • “IMAN: Supermodel. Businesswoman. Activist. Refugee.”: Iman discusses her childhood as a refugee, and why she has decided to give back and try to help women and girls in the Congo.
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