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Civilians Targeted By Southern Soldiers, Militias in South Sudan Fighting

JUBA, South Sudan -- As I walked into Bentiu’s state hospital last week, I expected it to be overcrowded with wounded civilians who had fled the most recent onslaught between the SPLA and Peter Gadet’s forces in Mankien. But I could not find one such person. Instead it was bustling with soldiers getting their battle-scars dressed. “No person without an SPLA uniform is allowed to escape Mayom,” said one man, referring to a western county in Sudan’s Unity state where militia fighting has been rampant.  “There are no civilians in Mayom, only rebels.”  Read More »

Displaced from Abyei, People Tell of Loss and Uncertainty

“White airplanes” had been circling ominously overhead for a couple of days before they started dropping bombs.  It was Saturday when one fell on Achai Ajak Atem’s house, killing her mother and baby brother. At 14, Achai is the oldest of her four siblings. Their father died five years ago. Suddenly in charge, Achai gathered the other children and started running.  Read More »

Satellite Images Confirm Sudan Government Attack on Abyei

The latest analysis of satellite images by the Satellite Sentinel Project, or SSP, confirms reports of Sudan Armed Forces-led attacks on Abyei, including the razing of one southern-aligned base north of Abyei town. The project, which has consistently documented military build-up in and around the Abyei area, says that northern occupation of the disputed border area was premeditated.  Read More »

War Again Between North and South Sudan?

Sunday, as the Khartoum regime was solidifying its military occupation of Abyei and beginning to loot and burn the town, I heard from one of the foremost experts on Sudan in the world, Dr. Douglas Johnson. We agreed that Bashir's government felt certain that it would face no international consequences for its attack on Abyei, which threatens to plunge the North and South back to full-scale war. In the absence of any cost or accountability, to have believed that Khartoum would NOT strike would have been foolhardy.  Read More »

After Assault on Abyei, U.S. Must Adopt a Consequence-based Sudan Policy: Rights Groups

The U.S. government’s incentive-oriented policy toward Sudan has not achieved its objectives. The Khartoum regime has militarily occupied Abyei, escalated bombing and aid cut-offs in Darfur, and increased support for ethnic militias throughout the South.  The process toward normalization between the U.S. and Sudan should be suspended and offered incentives should be supplanted by escalating consequences for government officials in Khartoum and any other party that promotes violence, commits human rights abuses, and targets civilians, said a group of prominent anti-genocide and human rights advocacy organizations.  Read More »

Darfur: Guisma's Story (Episode 3)

Here’s the third installment of Guisma’s Story, a video series about a six-year old girl from Darfur, currently living in a refugee camp in eastern Chad, who dreams of returning to a peaceful Sudan one day. Our Sudan Now partner iAct produced this video series to share her inspiring story and dreams.  Read More »

Four Villages Reportedly Bombarded in Abyei as U.N. Investigates Convoy Ambush

On Friday, three villages north of Abyei town were reportedly bombed, and a fourth reportedly bombed or shelled, according to multiple reports from sources on the ground, said the Enough Project. Sources say the Sudan Armed Forces conducted the bombings. These reports have not been officially confirmed.

The reported bombings follow Thursday’s attack on a U.N. convoy escorting Sudanese Armed Forces that were part of a Joint Integrated Unit.  Read More »

Sudan Army Launches Air Raids, as Darfur Rebels Vow Overthrow

A deadly wave of government-led bombings and ground attacks hit Darfur early this week, just on the heels of a vow by two prominent rebel leaders to work together for “regime change.” The humanitarian impact of the government’s air strikes and ground attacks were unclear and likely exacerbated by the fact that the government has blocked access for peacekeepers and aid groups to the affected areas.  Read More »

ICC Indictee Declared Winner in Disputed Sudan Election

Alleged war criminal Ahmed Haroun was announced the winner of the Southern Kordofan governor’s race this past Sunday, in elections that the leading opponent party, the SPLM, has called fraudulent.

According to the National Elections Commission, the national body that is running the vote, Haroun won with 201,000 votes, over the SPLM candidate’s 194,000. The ruling northern party also won more seats than the SPLM in the legislative assembly.  Read More »

No Rush to Reward Khartoum

In September 2010, the Obama administration presented a package of incentives to the Government of Sudan in exchange for progress on the full implementation the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, or CPA, credible and peaceful referenda on southern secession and the future of Abyei, an agreement on post-referendum arrangements, and the resolution of the Darfur conflict through a peace agreement that is credibly implemented. In “No Rush to Reward Khartoum," Save Darfur Coalition/Genocide Intervention Network examine the progress thus far.  Read More »

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