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Stop Process of Normalization with Sudan

Sudan has seen its most significant popular demonstrations in over 30 years, as peaceful protesters have taken to the street in opposition to the policies of their corrupt and authoritarian government. The regime’s response has been a brutal crackdown, which has included the gassing and killing of peaceful protesters and the jailing of activists and journalists.

Against this backdrop, the United States is engaged in a process that could culminate in removing Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism List (SST) as part of a path to a full normalization of relations with Sudan. The regime is desperate to be removed from the SST List, as inclusion impedes new investment and prohibits the United States from supporting debt relief, a top priorities for Sudan.

This is the same regime that has conducted genocide against the people of Darfur, bombed and starved the populations in the Nuba Mountains, and denied millions of Sudanese citizens access to critical humanitarian aid. It has also continued its repression of religious minorities and support for extremism. The regime has demonstrated once again that it has not fundamentally changed and continues to be led by the same leader, President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Instead of helping to provide the regime with an economic lifeline, the U.S. should be increasing pressure in response to the regime’s brutality and pressing for fundamental reforms in the country’s governance system and political leadership.  Due to grand corruption, economic mismanagement and financing a security apparatus that threatens its own population, the Sudanese economy is nearing a breaking point.

Join us in urging the State Department to stop the path toward normalization and continue to take action to stop the regime’s crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Normalization with Sudanese regime will provide economic lifeline to corrupt regime responsible for ongoing violence and gross human rights violations against peaceful protesters. @StateDept should stop normalization process and insist on fundamental reform to a genocidal regime.