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Support Bipartisan Congo Legislation to Help Dismantle Kleptocratic System

In the wake of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s flawed December 2018 elections, it is important for the international community to focus on key areas that can have a lasting impact in the country, in particular on addressing high-level corruption. Corruption is at the core of a particular type of systemic state capture in which certain elites inside and outside the country derive personal profit via illicit financial activity while undermining government institutions and the rule of law in the deeply impoverished country.

The United States can and should play a key role in combating corruption by leveraging Congolese reform efforts and Congolese civil society’s calls to transform Congo’s deeply embedded kleptocratic system. The United States should lead in employing significant financial pressure on political leaders and their commercial partners inside and outside Congo in order to have a real impact leading to desperately needed transparency and good governance reforms. The United States has a unique ability to exert financial pressure on corrupt actors because of Congo’s reliance on US dollar transactions, which are overwhelmingly cleared by US banks and other financial institutions.

Take action and tell Congress that they can help move this agenda forward by introducing strong bipartisan legislation that would help facilitate and create congressional requirements around the imposition of sanctions against Congolese officials, their networks, and external facilitators who have been involved in corruption, human rights violations, and undermining the democratic will of the Congolese people.