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Author: Zack Brisson

Holocaust Museum Returns To Business

"At 12:40 p.m. on June 10th 2009, a man stepped through the doors of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. He took two paces, lowered his rifle at a security guard and, before anyone could react, opened fire in a popular national landmark. The guard, who did not have time to draw his gun, fell bleeding and fatally wounded to the polished floor. Other guards fired back, cutting down the assailant. Terrified patrons, many of them children, dived for safety. And what moments before had been a bright weekday in June became a tableau of violence. As described by bystanders and ...

The Cairo Speech: It looks good, but Sudan is missing.

President Obama's Cairo Speech in a word cloud
We discovered this tag cloud of President Obama's Cairo speech courtesy of Twitter user ifikra. While we love the new media representation of the President's speech, we again noted Sudan's conspicuous absence. ADD your voice to our reaction blog comments ...