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Daily Beast (December 23, 2016): South Sudan Is on the Cusp of Genocide—It Can Be Stopped, If We Care


ReliefWeb (December 16, 2016): South Sudan: Looming Genocide, Plans for Prevention


TIME (December 16, 2016): 

Congo’s President Is Refusing to Step Down, Raising Fears of Bloodshed


Foreign Affairs (December 15, 2016): OP-ED: A New Tool to Fight Genocide
Why Anti-Money-Laundering Measures Could Be Game Changing


World (December 14, 2016): U.S., allies pressure Congo leaders to step down


Chemical Watch (December 13, 2016): Outlook hazy for Dodd-Frank and conflict minerals reporting


Associated Press - Washington Post (December 12, 2016): US adds 2 more Congolese officials to sanctions list


AllAfrica (December 11, 2016): Sudan's Gold Revenues Hit U.S.$1.24 Billion - Minerals Minister


Pachodo (December 10, 2016): Enough Project - Groundbreaking": Congress Passes Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act


Face2Face Africa (December 9, 2016): African Dictators Risk U.S. Sanctions After Congress Passes New Law


NPR (December 9, 2016): Fears Of Genocide In The World's Newest Nation


Voice of America (December 8, 2016): Washington Panel Discusses Options in Preventing South Sudan Violence


Foreign Policy (December 8, 2016): Congress Just Passed A Watershed Human Rights Provision — Tucked Inside Its Defense Spending Bill


South Sudan News Agency (December 8, 2016): US Congress Passes “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act”


Chicago Tribune (December 1, 2016): Defusing a ticking time bomb in Kinshasa


Yahoo! Sports (November 30, 2016): Defusing a ticking time bomb in Kinshasa


Foreign Policy (November 30, 2016): Defusing a Ticking Time Bomb in Kinshasa


Sudan Tribune (November 29, 2016): Sudan’s Civil Disobedience: Africa’s latest "Hashtag Revolution"? (by Suliman Baldo)


South Sudan News Agency (November 21, 2016): Anti-genocide group says genocide warning system is “flashing red” in South Sudan


The Economist (November 21, 2016): OP-ED - Stop the Cash, Stop the Conflict (by George Clooney and John Prendergast)


Yahoo News (November 18, 2016): Why the US is now calling for an arms embargo on South Sudan


The Christian Science Monitor (November 18, 2016): Why the US is now calling for an arms embargo on South Sudan


Sudan Tribune (November 18, 2016): U.S. to propose UN arms embargo on South Sudan


New York Times (November 17, 2016): U.S., in Shift, Backs Arms Embargo for South Sudan as Genocide Risk Rises


South Sudan News Agency (November 17, 2016): U.S. to Introduce UN Security Council Resolution for Targeted Sanctions, Arms Embargo on South Sudan


Pachodo (November 17, 2016): Enough Project - U.S. to Introduce UN Security Council Resolution for Targeted Sanctions, Arms Embargo on South Sudan


International Business Times (November 17, 2016): Central African Republic: Rights groups urge global community to support Special Criminal Court


AllAfrica (November 11, 2016): Sudan: Darfur Awaits New Foreign Affairs Policy U.S.


The Cougar's Byte (November 7, 2016): Students Have The Power: A Half-Hour With John Prendergrast


Wall Street Journal (November 7, 2016)Congo’s President Tightens Grip on Power, as Former Allies Squeeze Him Out


CNBC (November 6, 2016): Conflict diamonds may not be on the radar, but they're still a worry for some


Wall Street Journal (November 1, 2016): Corruption Currents: Former Unaoil Employee Admits Paying Bribes


Europa Press (October 27, 2016): La cleptocracia en RDC sólo se frenará si se imponen sanciones económicas, según una ONG


Daily Maverick (October 26, 2016): Sudan -- Real and Imagined


Associated Press (October 25, 2016): Report: Gunmen Still Control Metals Mined for Modern Gadgets


Cocktail Banter (October 24, 2016): Cocktail Banter, Episode 7: War Crimes Shouldn't Pay


Wall Street Journal (October 21, 2016): Corruption Currents: China Busts $148 Billion Underground-Banking Circuit


OZY (October 21, 2016): The Policy Analyst Going After War Financing in the Congo


International Business Times (October 17, 2016): EU was 'far too quiet about the repression and its implications for DRC's future', says rights group


CCTV America (October 12, 2016): The Heat (Show): South Sudan's Long Road to Peace


Kleptocracy Initiative - Hudson Institute (October 12, 2016): Kleptocracy Daily: October 12, 2016


OZY (October 12, 2016): Solving the Hidden Conflict Problem in Your Electronics


El Confidencial (October 07, 2016): Los Sobornos que Compraron el Saqueo de África


TIME (October 06, 2016): How to Ensure Lasting Peace in South Sudan (by John Prendergast)


Washington Post (September 24, 2016): EDITORIAL: South Sudan’s top-down disaster


Foreign Affairs Committee Blog (September 23, 2016): Saving the World’s Most Iconic Wildlife


OZY (September 15, 2016): A Different Kind of Movie About the Congo


Washington Post (September 12, 2016): OP-ED: War crimes shouldn’t pay in South Sudan (by George Clooney and John Prendergast)


New York Times (September 12, 2016): South Sudan Leaders Amass Great Wealth as Nation Suffers, Report Says


Wall Street Journal (September 12, 2016): South Sudan Leaders Sending Millions in Ill-Gotten Wealth Abroad, Report Says


Washington Post (September 12, 2016): As the world’s newest country slipped into chaos, its leaders stole millions, report says 


CNN - THE LEAD (September 12, 2016): Clooney lends star power to expose war profiteering


FOX NEWS SUNDAY (September 18, 2016): George Clooney on exposing corruption in South Sudan


NPR - ALL THINGS CONSIDERED (September 12, 2016): Report Reveals Corruption At Root Of South Sudan's Power Struggle


PBS - Newshour (September 12, 2016): South Sudan leaders used chaos of war to loot billions, investigation reveals


Associated Press - NY Times (September 12, 2016): Report: South Sudan Leaders Amass Wealth as Country Burns


Associated Press - Washington Post (September 12, 2016): Report: South Sudan Leaders Amass Wealth as Country Burns


AFP - Yahoo News (September 12, 2016): South Sudan officials get rich from brutal war: report


AFP - Yahoo News (September 13, 2016): Clooney's S. Sudan corruption report is 'rubbish': government


AFP (September 14, 2016): S.Sudan paper shut down as it headlines govt corruption: report


BBC (September 12, 2016): South Sudan's Kiir and Machar profited during war - report 


BBC VIDEO (September 12, 2016): How South Sudan's Kiir and Machar 'profited during war'


CNN (September 13, 2016): George Clooney: Deal with South Sudan now, not later


Reuters (September 12, 2016): Clooney, Cheadle urge action to stop pilfering of South Sudan resources


Bloomberg View (September 12, 2016): Saving South Sudan From Its Founding Fathers


PRI's The World (September 12, 2016): Clooney's group says South Sudan leaders get rich from brutal civil war


Guardian (September 12, 2016): George Clooney-backed report: South Sudan president profits from civil war


Guardian (September 14, 2016): South Sudanese general paid $1.5m for Melbourne home, says war profiteering report


Daily Beast (September 13, 2016): George Clooney's War on Kleptocracy In South Sudan


TIME (September 12, 2016): George Clooney’s Group Tracked South Sudanese Leaders Using Instagram


TIME (September 12, 2016): George Clooney Helps Reveal How South Sudan’s Civil War Has Enriched Leaders


Al Jazeera (September 12, 2016): S Sudan leaders 'profit' as country suffers during war 


Al Jazeera (September 13, 2016): S Sudan to take legal action after corruption report


Al Jazeera - Inside Story (September 13, 2016): Are South Sudan's leaders benefitting from conflict?


Newsweek (September 12, 2016): How George Clooney’s Investigative Unit Exposed South Sudan Leaders’ Dirty Money


People Magazine (September 12, 2016): George Clooney Unveils Groundbreaking Investigation into War Profiteering in South Sudan 


Africa Confidential (September 23, 2016): Salva and Riek on the Dock


Foreign Policy (September 12, 2016): South Sudan’s Leaders Made War — and Many Millions of Dollars


FCPA Blog (September 14, 2016): George Clooney on South Sudan: War crimes shouldn't pay


IRIN News (September 13, 2016): How South Sudan’s leaders robbed their country – and nearly got away with it


Independent (September 12, 2016): George Clooney accuses South Sudan’s leaders of profiting from war


Der Spiegel (September 15, 2016): Die Villen der Warlords 


BBC (September 16, 2016): South Sudan refugees reach one million mark 


East African (September 17, 2016): South Sudan elites wined and dined as the country burned 


PBS Newshour (September 17, 2016): South Sudan leader denies getting rich off civil war


Fox News Insider (September 18, 2016): Clooney: Ending South Sudan's Corruption is Important to US Nat'l Sec.


Sudan Tribune (September 18, 2016): Kenya bank linked to money laundering from South Sudan 


Observer (September 19, 2016): South Sudanese Generals Splash Money in Uganda 


CNBC Africa (September 17, 2016): South Sudan: Actor George Clooney vs the Kleptocrats


Voice of America (September 12, 2016): Rights Group Accuses South Sudan Leaders of War Profiteering


Christian Science Monitor (September 12, 2016): Should other countries do more to thwart corruption in South Sudan?


SBS (Australia) (September 12, 2016): George Clooney heads up South Sudan corruption probe targeting Australia


ABC (Australia) (September 13, 2016): South Sudan report driven by George Clooney and Don Cheadle alleges profiteering by leaders


Quartz Africa (September 12, 2016): South Sudan's leaders have been making millions of dollars form a conflict which has killed thousands


EFE Europa Press Agency (September 12, 2016): South Sudan leaders profit from war, George Clooney says 


International Business Times (September 15, 2016): 3 things we learned about South Sudan leaders profiteering from civil war


Deutsch Welle (September 12, 2016): South Sudan's leaders enriching themselves at country's expense: report


Washington Post Cause Celeb (September 12, 2016): George Clooney, Don Cheadle present report on war crimes in South Sudan (September 12, 2016): Limits sought in backfired conflict mineral rule


Globe and Mail (September 8, 2016): RCMP reviewing Canadian-owned firm over military exports to Sudan, Libya


i24news (September 7, 2016): قوات "البنيان المرصوص" تخطط لتحرير آخر معقل لتنظيم "داعش" في سرت 



Foreign Policy (September 6, 2016): Dinner, Drinks, and a Near-Fatal Ambush for U.S. Diplomats


i24news (September 5, 2016): سيلفا كير يوافق على قرار مجلس الأمن بزيادة قوات حفظ السلام في جنوب السودان 


Voice of America (September 5, 2016): Daybreak Africa


IRIN News (September 1, 2016): UN paying blacklisted diamond company in Central African Republic


Voice of America (September 1, 2016): South Sudan in Focus


Radio Dabanga (August 30, 2016): Milafaat Sudania


Hurriyat Sudan (August 29, 2016): تقرير لمنظمة (كفاية) : ضعف الحكومة السودانية أدى لإستحداث نفوذ ملحوظ للولايات المتحدة الامريكية


Sudan Tribune (August 29, 2016): Sudan’s economic crisis gives Washington leverage to support inclusive peace deal: report


Radio Dabanga (August 29, 2016): ‘Use Sudan’s financial vulnerabilities to pressure for peace’: Enough Project


El Pais (August 28, 2016): Asesinato a sangre fría en el hotel Terrain


CCTV Africa (August 24, 2016): USA sanctions Kony's sons


CCTV America (August 24, 2016): The Heat (Show): South Sudan in crisis


Wall Street Journal (August 18, 2016): South Sudan’s Former Vice President Flees Country


RFI (August 17, 2016): RCA: «Ces différents régimes manquent de légitimité»


The National Law Review (August 16, 2016): Summary of Congressional Hearings on U.S. Sanctions in Sub-Saharan Africa


Rolling Stone (August 15, 2016): What Can Ease the Conflict in the Congo?


Radio Tamazuj (August 15, 2016): Pagan Amum outlines UN temporary protectorate details


Sudan Tribune (August 13, 2016): UN Security Council votes for third party foreign force to South Sudan


Catholic Radio Network (August 13, 2016): UN Security Council votes for third party force to South Sudan


Foreign Policy (August 10, 2016): South Sudan Rejects U.S. Push for More Peacekeepers Despite Bloodshed


JusticeInfo (August 9, 2016): World must help save South Sudan, says expert


Voice of America (August 3, 2016): Straight Talk Africa (Show)


African News Agency (August 1, 2016): Heavy fighting engulfs South Sudan


Voice of America (August 1, 2016): Africa 54


Voice of America (July 27, 2016): South Sudan in Focus


Catholic Radio Network (July 27, 2016):  “Replacing Machar bringing country closer to war”, says policy group


Sudan Tribune (July 27, 2016):  Rebel commanders in Unity state dismiss Gai’s army remarks


Sudan Tribune (July 26, 2016):  OP-ED: The long history of buying loyalty to neutralize rivals in South Sudan


Sudan Tribune (July 25, 2016):  Advocacy group warns of “full-scale war” in S. Sudan


ReliefWeb (July 25, 2016):  Advocacy group warns of “full-scale war” (July 25, 2016):  President Kiir Removes VP Machar, Appoints Taban Deng


BBC (July 25, 2016): Joseph Shepherd South Sudan


Chemical Watch (July 20, 2016): EU's conflict minerals framework a 'missed opportunity'


Associated Press (July 20, 2016): Ugandan-Led Rebel Group Steps Up Attacks in Central Africa


NPR (July 20, 2016): MORNING EDITION: Facebook Blamed For Flare Up In Fighting In South Sudan


Al Jazeera (July 19, 2016): Emmanuel Jal Calls For South Sudan Leaders To Step Down


Centrafique Presse Info (July 19, 2016):  République Centrafricaine : Un chef anti-balaka proche de Bozizé intégré dans la police nationale


Al Jazeera (July 18, 2016):  THE STREAM: South Sudan in Crisis


Center for Public Integrity (July 14, 2016): Rape, murder, famine — and $2.1 million for K Street PR 


Chemical Watch (July 13, 2016): Bill passed in House would defund conflict minerals rule (July 12, 2016): Enough Project's John Prendergast: South Sudan Peace Deal at "Grave Risk"


Financial Times (July 11, 2016): East Africans hold emergency talks on South Sudan violence


Wall Street Journal (July 10, 2016): Fighting Kills Scores in South Sudan


WWNT Radio (July 9, 2016): United Nations calls for calm as fighting breaks out in South Sudan


Sudan Tribune (July 9, 2016): Enough Project urges South Sudanese leaders to avoid violence


Compliance Week (July 8, 2016): House votes to defund enforcement of SEC's pay ratio, conflict minerals rules


Daily Beast (July 8. 2016): Mandela or Mobutu Moment in South Sudan? (by John Prendergast)


Nyamilepedia (July 8, 2016): Enough Project: Those Benefiting From War Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Hold The Entire Nation Hostage (July 5, 2016): Illegal gold trade in Congo still benefiting armed groups, foreign companies


IRIN News (July 1, 2016): Mission (Not) Accomplished


Rolling Stone (June 30, 2016): See Lucius, Lizzo and Activists Talk Conflict-Free Sourcing


Chemical Watch (June 29, 2016): Republicans seek to repeal conflict minerals reporting rule


RFI (June 25, 2016): Sanctions américaines contre Kanyama en RDC: les Européens prônent le dialogue


Bloomberg (June 23, 2016): U.S. Sanctions Congo Police Chief for Role in Rights Abuses


Voice of America (June 23, 2016): Le chef de la police de Kinshasa, première cible des sanctions américaines contre le régime de Kabila


Chemical Watch (June 23, 2016): House amendment seeks funding block on conflict minerals rule enforcement


Foreign Affairs (June 22, 2016): Congo's Kabila Problem (by John Prendergast & Sasha Lezhnev)


Business and Human Rights Resource Center (June 22, 2016): (The Hill) OP-ED: Why the House must stop the last-second FSGG rider on conflict minerals


The Hill (June 22, 2016): Why the House must stop the last-second FSGG rider on conflict minerals (by Sasha Lezhnev & Holly Dranginis)


Voice of America (June 22, 2016): South Sudan in Focus (Show)


Philadelphia Tribune (June 22, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


Daily Maverick (June 21, 2016): World Refugee Day, Africa’s stolen loot & Tshwane elections


Washington Post (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


U.S. News and World Report (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years


ABC News (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


San Francisco Chronicle (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


Miami Herald (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


Seattle Post-Intelligence (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


Associated Press (June 21, 2016): ICC sentences former Congo VP Bemba to 18 years in prison


BBC (June 21, 2016): Newsday -- Interview with Holly on Charcoal Report


DefenceWeb (June 21, 2016): Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers allegedly destroy swathes of Congo forest


AFK Insider (June 20, 2016): African Charcoal Business: What It Has To Do With War And Peace In Congo


Yahoo News (June 20, 2016): Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo - rights group


Daily Mail (UK) (June 20, 2016): Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo - rights group


Reuters (June 20, 2016): Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo - rights group


Sudanese Online Sudan (June 20, 2016): Joint Civil Society Statement regarding Sexual Violence in Conflict


Daily Nation (Kenya) (June 19, 2016): S. Sudan hits back at lobby for questioning Kiir war on graft


Relief Web (June 19, 2016): Sudan: Joint Civil Society Statement regarding Sexual Violence in Conflict


Africa Review (June 18, 2016): International community 'to blame' for graft in South Sudan


Sudan Tribune (June 18, 2016): South Sudan president contests lack of commitment in combating corruption


East African (June 18, 2016): US agency challenges South Sudanese President Kiir to fight graft


Huffington Post (June 17, 2016): “Darfur? Wait, Wasn’t That Fixed A Long Time Ago?” (June 16, 2016): Stolen Assets Must be Returned to the South Sudanese People


Nyamilepedia (June 16, 2016): John Prendergast: Stolen Assets Must Be Returned To South Sudanese People


Sudan Tribune (June 16, 2016): Enough Project calls on President Kiir to ensure return of stolen money


Gurtong (June 16, 2016): Stolen Assets Must be Returned to the South Sudanese People


Heavy (June 14, 2016): George Clooney’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know


Georgetown College (June 13, 2016): Procurement Policy Addresses Conflict Minerals and Electronics (June 13, 2016): Enough’s Brooks-Rubin to Senate: Modern Sanctions Policy Could Disrupt Violent Kleptocracy in Sub-Saharan Africa


IDEX (June 13, 2016): Civil Society Groups Coalition Calls for Greater Diamond Industry Governance


Wall Street Journal (June 13, 2016): Uganda to Withdraw Troops From Force Hunting Lord’s Resistance Army


Mining and Communities (June 9, 2016): Call for greater governance in global diamond industry


Rapaport (June 9, 2016): KP and Civil Society Lock Horns Over Boycott


Israeli Diamond Institute (June 8, 2016): Broad Coalition of Civil Society Groups Call for Greater Governance in Global Diamond Industry


South Sudan News Agency (June 8, 2016): Enough's Brooks-Rubin to Senate: Modern Sanctions Policy Could Disrupt Violent Kleptocracy in Sub-Saharan Africa


Huffington Post (June 7, 2016): Inspiring Humanity Through Education


Nyamilepedia (June 6, 2016): Enough’s Brooks-Rubin to Testify to Senate on Sub-Saharan Africa, New Approach to Sanctions


ESPN (May 31, 2016): Aaron Rodgers hopes to produce documentaries when NFL career ends


Rolling Stone (May 31, 2016): How New Doc 'Merci Congo' Sheds Light on Deadly Conflict


Business and Human Rights Resource Center (May 30, 2016): The charcoal cartel run by the FDLR rebels is destroying Virunga national park says Senior Policy Analyst at the Enough Project


Sudan Tribune (May 29, 2016): South Sudan wants hybrid court formation delayed


Think Progress (May 28, 2016): The Paradox Of Congo: How The World’s Wealthiest Country Became Home To The World’s Poorest People


East African (May 28, 2016): South Sudan troops ‘getting away with murder’


CNBC Africa (May 27. 2016): Sudan's crackdown on civil society


The Armenian Mirror-Spectator (May 26, 2016): Human Rights Activist Prendergast Brings Genocide Prevention Vision to Cambridge


Eye Radio (May 24, 2016): What the US should do for effective sanctioning of S. Sudan


Sudan Tribune (May 24, 2016): Advocacy groups calls for leaders’ accountability in South Sudan


The Hill (May 19, 2016): Global Magnitsky's Power to Protect (by Holly Dranginis)


Newsweek (May 17,2016): Countering the Wizards of a Dystopian Oz (by John Prendergast)


Mic (May 17, 2016): Robin Wright Makes a Powerful Political Statement — It's Not Related to 'House of Cards'


Foreign Affairs (May 16, 2016): Virunga's Charcoal Cartel (by Holly Dranginis)


Nyamilepedia (May 9, 2016): Global Anti-Corruption Summit Could Be “Game-Changing” for Africa


3BLMedia (May 9, 2016): “Tin Mountain” Stirs Up Conflict Minerals Conversations in the Congo


WBUR/NPR (May 6, 2016): On Point with Tom Ashbrook: The Threat To Grauer’s Gorillas


Huffington Post (May 5, 2016): A Look at the Four Finalists of the 2016 Aurora Prize


New Yorker (May 4, 2016): Shootout in Garamba


WORLD Magazine (April 29, 2016): South Sudan’s transitional government finally takes office


Catholic Radio Network (April 29, 2016): Grab war profiteers to account, Enough Project Founding Director recommends


Voice of America (April 28, 2016): One on One with Peter Clottey: John Prendergast of the Enough Project discusses South Sudan


The Hill (April 28, 2016): Obama’s Iran playbook gives hope to Darfur


Sudan Tribune (April 28, 2016): South Sudan “kidnapped” by its leaders: experts


Voice of America (April 27, 2016): Distrust Remains as South Sudan Forms Unity Government


WBEZ (April 27, 2016): Is Peace To Come In South Sudan?


Agence France-Presse (April 27, 2016): Back to the future as S.Sudan's old rivals 'end war', again


Financial Times (April 26, 2016): Rebel leader Rick Machar returns to South Sudan capital


Christian Science Monitor (April 26, 2016): S. Sudan takes tentative step forward as former rebel leader becomes VP


TIME (April 26, 2016): Rebel Leader Riek Machar Returns to South Sudan—and Brings Hopes for Peace With Him


54 Etats (April, 2016): Sudan: Better Targeting the Regime Insiders


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (April 25, 2016): Interaction by U.S. is sought by faction in Sudan genocide


Daily Beast (April 22, 2016): Dirty Money Fuels South Sudan’s War


TIME (April 21, 2016): A Starving South Sudan Holds its Breath for Riek Machar’s Delayed Return


Fox News (April 19, 2016): Once seen as White House triumph, new nation of South Sudan descends into war, misery


Sudan Tribune (April 18, 2016): Experts warn of unsuccessful new unity government in S. Sudan


Sudan Tribune (April 17, 2016): U.S. should impose modernized sanctions on Sudan: group


Agence France-Presse (April 14, 2016): Messy' peace hope as South Sudan readies for rebel chief return


Radio Dabanga (Sudan) (April 12, 2016): Ministry refutes USA concerns on Darfur referendum


ReliefWeb (April 12, 2016): U.N. Panel of Experts Reveals Gold Smuggling and Cluster Bombs in Darfur


Voice of America (April 12, 2016): Darfur Votes in Referendum Amid Boycott


Sudan Tribune (April 12, 2016): El-Fasher University students protest against Darfur referendum


Africa Confidential (April 11, 2016): A last blast for sanctions


Glamour (April 11, 2016): "I've Never Seen Women So Brave": How Ben Affleck Is Fighting for Women in the Congo


U.S. News and World Report (April 8, 2016): Could the Iran Model Work for Sudan?


Voice of America (April 8, 2016): South Sudan in Focus (Show)


Radio Dabanga (April 7, 2016): New Report: ‘Modernized Sanctions Offer Hope for Peace in Sudan”


The Strategic Sourceror (April 6, 2016): Apple announces 100 percent supply chain conflict mineral audits


National Jeweller (April 6, 2016): Can the Kimberley Process Get it Right in CAR?


TIME (April 5, 2016): How to Stabilize the Central African Republic


ESPN (April 5, 2016): Coming (back) to America: Deal with Chiefs brings Andy Mulumba back to U.S.


Radio France International (March 26, 2016): Violence against women in Sudan on the rise - activists


Justice Hub (March 24, 2016): Reactions to the ICC's Confirmation of Charges Against Ongwen


American Bar Association (March 21, 2016): Interview with John Prendergast


Chemical Watch (March 16, 2016): Building a conflict-free supply chain


The Justice (Brandeis University) (March 15, 2016): Reevaluate United States’ relationship with South Sudanese officials


Voice of America (March 15, 2016): Advocacy Groups: Sanctions, Arms Embargo, Tribunal Needed for S. Sudan


Daily Nation (March 14, 2016): Life-saving aid for children in S. Sudan has 'collapsed', Unicef Says


New York Times (March 12, 2016): Where the Soldiers Are Scarier Than the Crocodiles


New York Times (March 11, 2016): In South Sudan, City of Hope Is Now City of Fear


Huffington Post (March 9, 2016): Getting Away With It


The Hill (March 8, 2016): Standing up for the downtrodden


Spend Matters (March 4, 2016): Report: Dodd-Frank Act Effective at Eliminating Conflict Minerals from Supply Chain


Telegraph (March 3, 2016): Joseph Kony's LRA abducts scores of child soldiers in new wave of attacks


Radio France International (February 25, 2016): Attack on Malakal camp sheds light on bigger South Sudan problem


Wall Street Journal (February 24, 2016): Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ


Wall Street Journal (February 23, 2016): Conflict-Free Mineral Exports on the Rise - Enough Project


ReliefWeb (February 23, 2016): Point of Origin - Status Report on the Impact of Dodd-Frank 1502 in Congo


U.S. News & World Report (February 23, 2016): Obama Softens on Iran and Cuba. What About Sudan?


Gurtong (February 14, 2016): Organization Urges South Sudan’s Warring Parties To Put Citizens' Interests Above Theirs


Sudan Tribune (February 13, 2016): S. Sudan crisis blamed on mismanagement by leadership


Radio France International (February 12, 2016): Bad management, bad blood threaten South Sudan’s unity government


Medium (February 11, 2016): Boom Town: What happened when Wall Street reform came to Congo’s frontier mining towns


Radio France International (February 11, 2016): Ouganda: capturé, Odek l’ex-lieutenant de Kony, devrait être amnistié


Reuters Africa (February 11, 2016): Uganda says senior Lord's Resistance Army leader surrenders in CAR


Extreme Tech (February 11, 2016): Inside Intel’s phenomenal effort to end its use of conflict minerals


Common Space (UK) (February 11, 2016): Campaigners celebrate Glasgow Uni pledge to ditch conflict minerals


Sudan Tribune (February 11, 2016): Security Council adopts Darfur experts resolution without gold sanctions


News24 (February 10, 2016): Ugandan LRA top rebel captured in Central Africa


Newsweek (February 9, 2016): Ethnic Violence in DR Congo Kills at Least 21: U.N.


Voice of America (February 3, 2016): "South Sudan in Focus" radio show, segment on the Lemkin Summit


St. Louis Post-Dispatch (February 2, 2016): OP-ED: Voices for war and peace in South Sudan


Die Welt (February 1, 2016): Wie fair ist ein Smartphone?


VICE News (January 29, 2016): Blood Diamonds and Religious War: Diamonds and Division


Sudan Tribune (January 26, 2016)South Sudan’s Kiir, Machar should face sanctions: UN experts


Radio France International (English) (January 13, 2016)"Worrying" LRA abductions in Central African Republic


Huffington Post (January 12, 2016)How Intel Eliminated War From Its Supply Chain


Telegraph (January 12, 2016)LRA warlord Joseph Kony uses ivory trade to buy arms


Sudan Tribune (January 7, 2016)Flour Power: Bread crisis, a cash crunch, and Sudan’s shrinking private sector (by Omer Ismail)


Radio France International (English) (December 28, 2015)CAR elections won't be perfect, voter turnout key issue: analyst


IRIN News (December 17, 2015): Fuelled by corruption, South Sudan war enters third year


Huffington Post (December 15, 2015): South Sudan's War Has Raged For Two Years, Making Some People Very Rich


Sudan Tribune (December 15, 2015): Investigate financially exposed S. Sudanese individuals: report


Bloomberg (December 15, 2015): South Sudan Devalues Currency by 84% as Dollar Peg Abandoned


Guardian (December 15, 2015): South Sudan: world's newest nation 'needs international management'


Sudan Tribune (December 11, 2015): US officials accuse S. Sudanese leaders of "hijacking" country


Voice of America (December 11, 2015): Enough Project's John Prendergast on South Sudan in Focus


Daily Nation (December 11, 2015): ‘Kiir, Machar would end up in jail soon’ angry US Senator says


Bloomberg (December 9, 2015): Kony's Christian Rebels Still Threaten Central African Republic


Reuters (December 4, 2015): Eastern Congo militias test U.N. peace enforcement


WLDS/WEAI Radio (November 22, 2015): Local college student involved in human rights initiative


Sudan Tribune (November 22, 2015): Beyond the Façades of Khartoum: The rise of Sudan’s ‘nouveau riche’ and increased economic disparity (by Suliman Baldo)


Sudan Tribune (November 21, 2015): Exodus from Sudan: The flight of human capital and the growth of a parasitic economy by (Suliman Baldo)


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