Conflict Minerals

Congo Dispatch: Conflict Minerals Windfall for Armed Groups

In this new field dispatch, Enough's Congo researcher Fidel Bafilemba offers some observations from Goma about the impact of conflict minerals on daily life and reactions in eastern Congo to the news of the U.S. law targeting the illicit minerals trade.  Read More »

Field Dispatch: Conflict Minerals Windfall for Armed Forces in Eastern Congo

Senior commanders continue to benefit from Congo’s lucrative mineral trade. Striking examples of this trend are the staggering lifestyle and investments of some Congolese army officers here in the Kivus. Although official army salaries top out at 90,000 Congolese francs per month, less than $100, many Congolese generals and colonels own gas stations, run minerals exporters or ‘comptoirs’, and new buildings are sprouting up like mushrooms throughout cities of Goma, Bukavu, Butembo, Bunia and Kinshasa.

Stopping Flow of Conflict Minerals from Congo to Your Cell Phone

In this piece for, we wrote about the landmark U.S. conflict minerals law and about how the Obama administration, Congolese government, civil society groups, and industry leaders should work to ensure that Congo's mineral wealth benefits Congolese.  Read More »

How I (Reluctantly) Became an Activist for Congo

In this guest blog post, activist Sharon Silber of the New York City Coalition for Darfur writes about the efforts of NYC-based activists convinced a group of U.S. representatives to cosponsor the conflict minerals legislation.  Read More »

Share Your Enough Moment

The Enough Moment, the new book from John Prendergast and Don Cheadle, hits stores Sept. 7, but you don’t have to wait to share your own Enough Moment. We want to hear your story now.  Read More »

Why We Should Care About the Congo

In this guest post, Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) writes about why it's important for Americans to support efforts to bring peace to Congo.  Read More »

On Wave of Financial Reform, Congo Captures Headlines

One of the leading stories last week was of course President Obama’s signing of the Wall Street reform bill. But several news outlets delved into the 2,300-page bill and highlighted the provision that addresses the role that U.S. companies play in funding atrocities carried out by militias in eastern Congo.  Read More »

Clinton Reaffirms U.S. Support to End Conflict Minerals Trade

One year after her own visit to eastern Congo, Secretary Clinton spoke out in favor of a new law to help regulate the trade in conflict minerals fueling violence there.  Read More »

Obama Signs Financial Reform, Ushering in New Law on Conflict Minerals

With President Obama’s signature, the highly anticipated bill on financial reform became law today, and with it, the United States also took a significant step to address the mineral trade fueling conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Read More »

Congo Gold Episode of ‘60 Minutes’ Nominated for Emmy

Nominations are out for the 62nd annual Emmy Awards, and Enough is thrilled and honored to learn that the Congo Gold episode of CBS’ “60 Minutes” was nominated for television’s biggest award of the year.  Read More »

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