Raise Hope for Congo

The Hill Op-ed: Obama's Africa Visit, Turning Rhetoric into Reality in the Great Lakes Region

Obama speaks in Senegal, June 2013

President Obama recently concluded his six-day trip to the African continent, ticking off successful stops in Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania.  Read More »

Five Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A weekly roundup of must-read stories, posted every Friday.   Read More »

AllAfrica Op-ed: New Urgency to Talks With M23 Rebels

M23 rebels withdraw from eastern Congo town of Goma. Nov. 2012

There is a new urgency to the latest round of talks in Kampala between the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its foes in the M23 rebel group.  Read More »

Foreign Policy Op-ed and Photo Essay: Kony 2013

The park rangers, armed with AK-47s and swapping combat stories, suddenly fell quiet. The driver pulled off the dusty, red road and plunged into the savannah, plowing through tan grass tall enough to envelop our Land Cruiser.  Read More »

Obama's Africa Trip: A Renewed Commitment to US-African Relations

President Obama speaks to young African leaders in South Africa

President Obama’s speech at the University of Cape Town on June 30 was a highlight of his anticipated trip to Africa, demonstrating a renewed commitment to US-African relations on the part of the administration.  Read More »

Walk Free Challenges Nintendo with Slavery Is Not a Game Campaign

Walk Free campaign: #slaveryisnotagame

On June 19 the anti-slavery group Walk Free released a video game parody of Super Mario Bros in a new campaign addressing the use of conflict minerals in Nintendo’s products.   Read More »

#EP2TheHill: Enough Project Brings Human Rights Advocates to the Hill

Representative Jim McGovern at Act Against Atrocities Day (Enough Project).

More than 200 activists came together on June 10 for the Enough Project’s Act Against Atrocities Advocacy Day, in conjunction with One Million Bones .  Read More »

Thousands of Children Exploited in Congo's Mines and Militias

Child miners in eastern Congo.

Thousands of children are being exploited in the mines and by armed groups that operate in the Tanganyika district of Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Read More »

Advocacy Groups, Congo Experts Applaud Appointment of Special Envoy Feingold

U.S. Special Envoy Russ Feingold

You did it. Senator Feingold is the new U.S. Special Envoy for Congo. On June 18, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the appointment of former Senator Russ Feingold as the new U.S. special envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa.  Read More »

CNN Op-ed: Elephant Killings Surge as Tusks Fund Terror

The accelerating pace of the slaughter of elephants for their tusks has put African elephants at catastrophic risk in the coming decades. To make matters worse, some of the region's most notorious armed groups are taking tusks to finance their atrocities.  Read More »

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