Raise Hope for Congo

WILD Magazine Feature: "Champions of Peace"

John Prendergast

WILD magazine recently published an article, “Champions of Peace”, highlighting Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast and the scope of work that Enough does against genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity.  Read More »

Activist Brief: Striking Gold - Why the Illicit Gold Trade in Congo Matters

This activist brief provides details and talking points on the illicit conflict gold trade and the M23 rebel group's involvement. It explains how M23 and its allies took over took over a profitable part of the conflict gold trade in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Conflict Gold

Legislators Stand Up for Conflict-Free Minerals on the Hill

Last week, a number of current and former members of Congress joined the fight over the provision of the Dodd-Frank Act which requires corporationsto become more transparent and clean up their supply chains.   Read More »

The Power of Collaboration: Students in the International Movement for Peace in Congo

Special Envoy Feingold and Congolese President Joseph Kabila

Last year, I met Chelsea Strelser when I attended my first meeting for William & Mary’s STAND chapter. Fresh off a summer internship with the Enough Project, I was excited to begin combating mass atrocities and genocide across the globe.   Read More »

VIDEO: Civil Society Voices in the Congo Peace Process

U.N. Special Envoy Mary Robinson told the New York Times that she always listens to taxi drivers. The Enough Project took to the streets of Goma in eastern Congo and asked motorcycle taxi drivers, activists, and civilians for their message to her about the peace process. The success of the peace process depends on the inclusion of Congolese civil society voices such as those represented in this video.

BACKGROUND: The war in eastern Congo that began in the early 1990s and continues to this day has resulted in approximately 5.4 million deaths since 1996 (IRC). Former Irish President Mary Robinson, now UN Special Envoy to Africa's Great Lakes Region, is charged with helping push Congo's peace process forward.

Report: Taking Back Eastern Congo – Comprehensively Addressing the M23 and FDLR Rebel Groups

A new Enough Project field report analyzes the strength levels of two key rebel groups in eastern Congo and recommends political and security strategies for U.N. and U.S. leaders to pursue with the Congolese and Rwandan governments as part of a comprehensive peace process.  Read More »

Atma Foundation Launches Letters to Congo to Build Personal Connections

Monica Johansson and Alysa Atma

The Atma Foundation, a partner organization of the Enough Project, has launched a new initiative to build relationships and connections among American and Congolese women called Atma Letters.    Read More »

Rwanda’s Stake in Congo: Understanding Interests to Achieve Peace

Warped and exploitative regional relationships have been one of the most critical factors in Congo becoming the site of the deadliest war in the world over the past two decades. Several of Congo’s neighbors have been deeply involved in the war, and the Congolese government’s deep corruption and bad governance have created conditions in which the army and a host of militias have operated with impunity and destabilized eastern Congo. The Congo-Rwanda relationship, however, has been at the heart of the decade-and-ahalf-long war in Congo and is thus the focus of this report.

Aaron Rodgers and UW-Madison Students Rally for Congo

On October 7, Green Bay Packers Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers partnered with the Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo for a rally attended by thousands of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  At the event, sponsored by the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative, Rodgers was joined by actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, Congolese Packers teammate Andy Mulumba, and student leaders on stage to raise awareness about the conflict in Congo, and to tell Madison students what they could do to stop key drivers of the conflict.    Read More »

New Report: Striking Gold: How M23 and its Allies are Infiltrating Congo’s Gold Trade

Gold remains an important conflict mineral in eastern Congo, with approximately 12 tons worth roughly $500 million smuggled out of the country every year. A new report by the Enough Project, “Striking Gold: How M23 and its Allies are Infiltrating Congo’s Gold Trade,” documents Makenga’s current role in M23’s networks in the gold trade and puts forth policy recommendations for addressing these illicit backchannels.  Read More »

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