Eastern Congo

UN Chief In Congo: End The Pillage Of Resources

Panning for gold - S. Lezhnev

“[P]olicy makers and profiteers – near and far – must do more to remove the underpinnings of the war itself,” wrote Alan Doss, head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo, in a letter to the editor of the NYTimes.  Read More »

A Long-Term Effect Of Congo’s Endemic Sexual Violence

More than 8,000 rapes were reported in eastern Congo in 2009, according to a new U.N. estimate. These numbers are staggering in and of themselves, but a recent connection made by the UNAIDS organization highlighted the fact that these atrocities are more than a humanitarian crisis; they are also a vital public health concern.  Read More »

A Congolese Dad

As Koko’s bother introduced us, he pushed up his sleeve to reveal a bandage around his upper arm.  It was the father who was shot in the arm while holding his three year old daughter in the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, attack on January 14th.  Read More »

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

Congo: A Death Toll Rivaling The Holocaust

Dusk at Mugunga IDP camp, Congo

With an estimated death toll of six million, the Holocaust is widely viewed as the singularly most devastating period in modern history. Yet despite the increased interconnectedness of the world today and the international provisions in place to respond to humanitarian crises, the conflict in eastern Congo rages on without an effective international response –- surpassing the Holocaust in number of years and now, even in number of lives lost.  Read More »

Notorious Congo War Criminal Making News

It seems the pressure may be rising against a Congo warlord known as The Terminator who is a regular at eastern Congo’s most posh establishments.  Read More »

Landmark Violence Against Women Act Introduced

Woman in clinic, eastern Congo

Human rights advocates and international women’s organizations late last week welcomed the introduction of the bipartisan International Violence Against Women Act, or I-VAWA.  Read More »

A Compelling Proposal on Conflict Minerals

Gold miner in eastern Congo - S. Lezhnev

Given the complexities of the mineral trade and the many powerful vested interests who continue to profit at the expense of Congo’s crisis, it can tempting to say that it’s just too difficult to do something about this problem. But a new proposal written by Congo specialists Jason Stearns and Steve Hege powerfully and succinctly suggests otherwise.  Read More »

Apple’s New iAsk: Be A Leader For Congo’s Women

Jenni Parmalee

During his January 27 unveiling of the new iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that his company had just sold its 250 millionth iPod. I own one of those – maybe you do, too. If every consumer-electronics purchase is like a vote, that’s 250 million voices saying: “Yes, I’m OK with that” – with everything it took to put that device in my hand.  Read More »

Auntie Harriet, Portrait Of A Congolese Woman

Yesterday, on a short walk to the funeral for Koko’s baby cousin, an elderly woman sitting under the shade of a tree, called to Koko. Since it seems like half of Dungu is family or old friends of Koko, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. But this lady’s slow turn to face us, the sober look about her, clued me in. She turned to reveal the bullet-wound-size bandage on her chest.  Read More »

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