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Actress Andie MacDowell Works To End Silence Over Congo

The effort to raise awareness of ongoing atrocities in Democratic Republic of Congo—especially the rampant use of rape as a weapon by the Congolese military—got a boost this past weekend when actress and activist Andie MacDowell screened Emmy-nominated documentary The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo  in her home state of North Carolina.  Read More »

Calendars for Congo

Former Peace Corps volunteer Rebecca Kingsley hadn’t been back to Congo for a number of years, but when she learned of the violence in eastern Congo targeting women and girls and leaving communities shattered, she began drawing from her strong memories of the country to look for ways to encourage people in the United States to support the survivors.

Dispatch From Bangadi, Congo

“My story is especially interesting because it is about a government authority kidnapped by the LRA.” So begins the story of Mr. Joseph Bikwalubi, the local administrator in the small town of Bangadi in eastern Congo, who recently spoke to Enough field researcher Noel Atama during a chance meeting.  Read More »

Field Dispatch: A Civil Servant’s Close Encounter with the LRA

“I myself was kidnapped by the LRA,” Joseph Bikwalubi Musafiri told me. “My story is especially interesting because it is about a government authority kidnapped by the LRA.”

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro Cosponsors Congo Bill

Today, Congresswoman Rose DeLauro (D-CT) signed onto H.R. 4128, the Conflict Minerals Trade Act, becoming the bill's 10th cosponsor.  Read More »

First ICC Trial Hears Defense Of Congolese Rebel Lubanga

Thomas Lubanga

The defense for Congolese rebel leader Thomas Lubanga opened today at the International Criminal Court, a year after the trial—the first one ever held in the international court—got its start.


The nightmare in your pocket - Cape Cod Times

Jan 6, 2010
Jeffrey Howell

At an anti-genocide conference in Washington, D.C., in a seminar called "Sexual Gender-Based Violence: Rape as a Weapon of War in Congo," I sat next to one of my former students, now a college freshman dedicated to human rights activism. That's when I passed this young woman a note. I wrote, "What is a traumatic fistula?"

After she realized that I really did not know, she wrote back: "In women, when raped at a young age and/or get pregnant, their under-developed urethra is torn, causing them to lose control of their bladder and can cause infection in the womb."

Women and girls, some younger than my high school students, are gang-raped by rebel or even government soldiers in the mining areas of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, as these vicious armies fight for territory to control the mines that feed our electronics.

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New Paper Provides Update on Conflict Minerals

Enough's latest strategy paper  – "Digging In: Recent Developments on Conflict Minerals"  –  details the continuing links between the minerals trade and ongoing violence in eastern Congo.  Read More »

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