Eastern Congo

Spotlight on Mwenga, Scene of FDLR Atrocities

Amani Matabaro

Surrounded with thick forests and jungles, Mwenga is southwest of the provincial capital of Bukavu. It is one of the areas in eastern Congo most affected by war, by the unspeakable abductions, rape, looting, and killings by the rebel group FDLR.  Read More »

Does LRA Presence in Garamba Constitute A Real Threat to Uganda?

The Ugandan Daily Monitor published today parts of an internal MONUC report which claims that the LRA is returning to Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In fact, some LRA rebels never left.  Read More »

Activists Turn Out in Droves to Change the Equation for Congo

Activists responded in remarkable numbers to the Change the Equation call-to-action, as evidenced by the flood of Congo-related messages that dominated the walls of our 10 key representatives last week.  Read More »

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

Representative Boozman Signs On To Conflict Minerals Bill

Exciting news!  Earlier today, Representative John Boozman (R-AR) became the 32nd cosponsor of the Conflict Minerals Trade Act, or H.R. 4128 because of activist action.  Read More »

New Cosponsors For Conflict Minerals Bills

Tin ore - S. Lezhnev

Both House and Senate conflict minerals bills continued to pick up momentum in the last two months, with the addition of one cosponsor to the House bill and four to the Senate's.   Read More »

Representative Ros-Lehtinen Responds to Congo Campaign

With three days left to go of Enough’s week-long campaign to encourage members of Congress to sign onto the Conflict Minerals Trade Act, the equation for Congo is already beginning to change, thanks to the efforts of activists around the nation.  Read More »

LRA Bill Continues To Roll Forward

H.R. 2478, “The Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009,” continues to pick up steam with 176 representatives signed on as co-sponsors.  Read More »

New Study Shows Severity of Sexual Violence in South Kivu, Congo

Last week the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Oxfam America published an in-depth report investigating sexual violence in eastern Congo.  Read More »

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