Sudan Tribune Op-ed: Sudan’s Civil Disobedience: Africa’s latest "Hashtag Revolution"?


Note: This op-ed originally appeared in the Sudan Tribune and was written by Enough Project Senior Advisor Suliman Baldo.

“Because of the nature of the dictatorship we are under, you are forced to embrace the use of social media, ...It’s not secure to try and use the tactics used in the ‘90s — demonstrations openly or on a daily basis — because we can never match the current government when it comes to violence. So we have resorted to a peaceful, constitutional revolution, which we are precipitating through the use of social media.” That was a Zimbabwean activist by the name of Mlambo, speaking to a correspondent of National Public Radio on October 21, 2016.

Mlambo’s words could have been uttered by any of the anonymous youth activists in Sudan this last week as they covertly and efficiently organized a campaign of posters and carefully crafted slogans to invite the Sudanese to undertake a three-day civil disobedience campaign starting Sunday, November 27. The call was prompted by dramatic increases in the prices of medicine, fuel, electricity resulting from a new government monetary policy that effectively devalued the national currency by more than 100 percent...

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