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Field Dispatch: The Need for a Single Peace Process in Africa's Great Lakes Region

Today, the International Conference on the Great Lakes, or ICGLR, will host a Special Summit of the Great Lakes Region Heads of State and Government.  Read More »

Sudan to Halt South Sudanese Oil Flow in Coming Weeks

South Sudan officials visit oil fields in Paloich, South Sudan (2012)

Last week, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir issued a formal refusal to allow South Sudanese oil to move through its pipelines, an act that violates provisions in the September 2012 Cooperation Agreement, which forbids suspension of transport for alleged violations of other agreements, including accusations of rebel support.  Read More »

Obama's Africa Trip: A Renewed Commitment to US-African Relations

President Obama speaks to young African leaders in South Africa

President Obama’s speech at the University of Cape Town on June 30 was a highlight of his anticipated trip to Africa, demonstrating a renewed commitment to US-African relations on the part of the administration.  Read More »

Censorship as a Human Rights Violation in Sudan

Sudanese newspapers vendors in Khartoum.

The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services, or NISS, confiscated over 10 major newspapers in Sudan in May of 2012, banned 13 journalists from operation, and identified several prohibited topics of discussion.  Read More »

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