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Margot Wallström is a former Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister of Sweden and diplomat, who until recently held the post of United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Prior to this, she served for ten years as European Commissioner: 1999-2004 as Environment Commissioner, and 2004-2010 as Vice President and Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy in the Barroso Commission. She is currently the chairman of Lund University in Sweden.

#UNMatters: U.S. State Department Google Hangout on US-UN Relations Recap

On Wednesday, September 18, the U.S.Department of State hosted a Google+ Hangout, The U.S. and the United Nations: The Case for Multilateralism.  Read More »

ThinkProgress: Why The Central African Republic Is The Worst Crisis You’ve Never Heard Of

Seleka rebels patrol the streets of Bangui in March (Credit: Reuters)

Central African Republic — or CAR — baring an improbably simple name and lacking much in the way of resources and population. The country is not only real, it’s in the middle of a spate of lawlessness that has left the population terrorized and the government nearly non-existent.  Read More »

ThinkProgress: What The Deadly Attack On A Kenya Mall Was Really About

A rescue worker helps a child outside the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

The bloody Shabaab attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall on September 21 was an act of desperation by a jihadi group beset by internal power struggles and plummeting support.  Read More »

Five Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A weekly roundup of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

AllAfrica Op-ed: Bringing Peace to the Congo - a Blueprint for Special Envoy Feingold

The clashes in the eastern Congo over the past week have once again brought into sharp focus the enduring conflict between the M23 rebels and the Congolese military as well as the role of the recently-deployed United Nations intervention brigade.  Read More »

Breaking News: Live Coverage from Eastern Congo

On July 14, 2013, Fighting resumed between M23 rebels and the Democratic Republic of Congo's army. This is the first fight after two months of peace. Enough Project field researcher Timo Mueller has been reporting live from the ground in Goma since Sunday, July 14, 2013.  Read More »

RealClearWorld Op-ed: How to Crumble Kony's Rebel Group From Within

Recent escapees from the Lord's Resistance Army, a deadly rebel group in central Africa led by Joseph Kony, are testifying that the group is having difficulty preventing defections and maintaining discipline.  Read More »

Five Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A weekly roundup of must-read stories, posted every Friday.   Read More »

Sudan Tribune: Friends of South Sudan Letter to President Salva Kiir

(L-R) John Prendergast, Eric Reeves, Brian D’Silva, Ted Dagne and Roger Miller

A group of pro-South Sudan activists in the Unites States have released a letter sent to president Salva Kiir and other senior officials in Juba expressing concern over what they described as "increasingly perilous fate" of the new state which came to life in July 2011 after voting almost unanimously to gain independence from Sudan.  Read More »

President Obama Concludes Africa Trip

On July 2, President Obama concluded his second sub-Saharan Africa trip, touring Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania. His agenda focused on promoting trade and investment as means of creating economic growth and stability for African nations.  Read More »

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