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Amanda Hsiao serves as an Enough Project field researcher, based out of Juba, South Sudan. Her most recent experiences include interning with the Enough Project and for the office of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). She received her B.A. in international relations from Pomona College, and her undergraduate thesis focused on the effect of Chinese oil loans on governance in Angola. Amanda has also created a short documentary on the lives of Chinese entrepreneurs in Cameroon. She speaks proficient French and Chinese.

Sudan Presidency: ‘There Will Be No War’

No breakthroughs over the contentious issues of border demarcation, oil-sharing, and Abyei emerged as a result of the meeting, but the parties cut through much of the war-mongering rhetoric between North and South officials that international media has made much of in the last month.  Read More »

The Making-of South Sudan?

After an extended five-day conference between South Sudanese political parties, civil society, and religious groups in Juba, a faint vision of the type of state southern secession may bring has emerged.  Read More »

For South Sudan Ruling Party, Shift from Coercion to Persuasion Before Vote

Since last week, President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has very publicly extended olive branches to a number of rebel leaders, political opposition, and other armed actors in the South who have the potential to stir up violence and threaten the vote.  Read More »

Clooney, Prendergast Prompt Swell of Activism on Sudan

Three days after the launch of what we here at the Enough Project have fondly dubbed “Clooneypalooza,” activists around the web have already sent an astounding 23,000 letters to President Obama.  Read More »

On Advocacy Blitz, Clooney and Prendergast Raise the Alarm on Sudan

Robust U.S. diplomacy can help prevent war in Sudan is the message that actor George Clooney and Enough's John Prendergast are taking to the streets of Washington D.C. and to the airwaves in an advocacy blitz that has included meetings with President Obama, members of Congress, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Read More »

On Today Show, Clooney Calls for 'Hardcore' Diplomacy on Sudan

The opportunity to prevent a man-made disaster in Sudan is quickly fading, but strong diplomacy can make a difference, warned actor George Clooney in a Today show interview with NBC’s Ann Curry this morning.  Read More »

U.N. Security Council Visits Sudan Before Momentous Votes

In an unprecedented show of international will, envoys from the United Nations Security Council touched down for a four-day trip to Sudan to push Sudanese parties toward two peaceful votes on January 9, 2011 and full implementation of the peace agreement that ended the two-decade long North-South civil war.  Read More »

Abyei Negotiations: Who’s Saying What

Abyei town (IRIN)

Four days into the Abyei talks taking place in Addis Ababa, little information on the progress of negotiations has leaked, but there are hints that a breakthrough is still a ways off.  Read More »

South Sudan Referendum Prep in Numbers

With less than 100 days until southern Sudanese go to the polls to vote for unity or secession, here's a snapshot of how referendum preparation is coming along.  Read More »

A Creative New Solution to Abyei? Not Exactly

Sudan's ruling National Congress Party has audaciously floated a solution to the Abyei deadlock that abrogates the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, underscoring the ruling party’s lack of intent to follow the peace deal that ended two decades of war.  Read More »

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