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Posted by John Prendergas... on Oct 1, 2010

The U.S. once again is in a position to break the logjam on Abyei.

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on Jul 30, 2010

In just the last week violence has broken out three times in two IDP camps—allegedly between groups in support of and those opposed to the peace process.

Posted by Enough Team on Jul 30, 2010

In this new field dispatch, Enough's South Sudan researcher Maggie Fick highlights how unrealistically high expectations, disaffected youth, and local rivalries over resources could be potential triggers of conflict after the referendum on southern self-determination in January 2011.

Posted by Amanda Hsiao on Jul 28, 2010

Five months and 11 days until Sudan is set to hold critically important votes for both the South and Abyei, much remains to be done. Here’s a quick look at the status of some of the remaining, major provisions in the CPA.

Posted by Laura Heaton on Jul 28, 2010
Clinton in Congo (AP)

The Brookings Institution has published a podcast from last week’s event about Africa’s two biggest wars – Congo and Sudan.