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Posted by Laura Heaton on Jun 15, 2012

After nine years as the face of the International Criminal Court—formative years for the world’s first permanent international tribunal created in 2002—Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s tenure as chief prosecutor ends today. Moreno-Ocampo established a legacy of addressing impunity whether for a field commander or a head of state, chipping away at the aura of invincibility that often accompanies the world’s most notorious war criminals

Posted by Justin Tyvoll on Jun 14, 2012

As the first anniversary of the South’s independence rapidly approaches, it is becoming all too clear just how little has been accomplished on issues related to the split between Sudan and South Sudan. Moreover, the ongoing violence in South Kordofan and Blue Nile threatens to further destabilize the fragile relationship between the two countries. In a new field dispatch, Enough Project Policy Analyst Jenn Christian examines the North-South diplomatic impasse and argues that the resolution of the conflicts in South Kordofan and Blue Nile may hold the key to progress between Sudan and South Sudan.

Posted by Enough Team on Jun 14, 2012

Actor Ben Affleck describes his Enough Moment and how his Congo activism has made him think differently about aid.

Posted by Laura Heaton on Jun 12, 2012

The recent violence in eastern Congo has served to expose MONUSCO’s continuing shortfalls in implementing its civilian protection mandate—one of the central purposes of the mission. In light of the U.N. Security Council’s imminent review of MONUSCO’s record, the Enough Project today issued a set of recommendations for strengthening the ability of peacekeepers to respond in a timely way to outbreaks of violence, to save lives, and to prevent traumatizing abuses at the hands of militia fighters.

Posted by Annette LaRocco on Jun 12, 2012

Against the backdrop of a new round of talks between Sudan and South Sudan in Addis Ababa, the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, D.C., held an event last week examining the many obstacles to peace between the two countries, with a focus on how the international community should engage. The speakers were well placed to offer tangible recommendations; in particular, it was an insightful opportunity to hear from U.S. special envoy to Sudan Ambassador Princeton Lyman about what he thinks are hampering the ongoing negotiations between Khartoum and Juba.